Posted on July 20, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Day 1 Sunday 30 Miles out
31928 Tamarack Rd
Mindon, IA 51553

Day 2 Monday 37.5 Miles out37.5 Miles out
2512 White Pole Rd
Casey, IA 50048

Day3 Tuesday 19 miles out
3309 Cumming Rd
Cumming, IA 50061

Day 4 Wednesday 33 miles out
51455 200th Ave
Chariton, IA 54049

Day 5 Thursday, 30 miles out
26735 215th St
Bloomfield, IA

Day 6 Friday, 28 miles out
1499 hwy 16
Hillsboro, IA 52630

Day 7 Saturday, 37 miles out
1977 Highway 2
Donnellson,, IA 52625


Day 1 Ute, IA 24 miles from start Meet up town

Day 2 Rod and Lori Hinners 3105 390th St. Manning, IA About 30 miles from start 1 mile past Aspinwall

Day3 Steve and Madelyn Schultz 435 170th St. Ogden, IA About 30 miles from start 8 miles past Dana, IA

Day 4 Lynn and Jacy Large 3231 Hart Ave Melbourne, IA 50162 39 miles from start About 4 miles past Melbourne

Day 5 Randy and Carrie VanDeerweedt 291 Hwy F-62 Searsboro, IA 50242 28 miles from start On the Karras loop

Day 6 Kevin and Brenda Flinn 7124 Ginkgo Ave Wellman, IA 52356 25 miles from the start. 8 miles past Keota

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